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Brag-Wette Australia

Brag-wette is Angela Biani’s point of view on fashion with a new tailored made concept of woman’s wear. Fashion was clearly in her blood since she grew up working side by side to her father Alberto, founder and creator of New York Industrie and then of his homonymous line Alberto Biani.

Angela decided to launch Brag-wette in 2017 as the result of her know-how mixed with the desire to express her personal sense of style. The collection embodies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, materials and details. Substantial fabrics like Japanese cady, cotton canvas, denim and English textures. It’ s a play between feminine and masculine, with a tomboyish charm, oversize volumes and clean constructions. The collection includes ready-to-wear and knitwear, all made in Italy.

Brag-wette is like an everyday wardrobe and targets those women who want to express their attitude through a casual but sophisticated style. Angela likes to wear what she designs and wants the collection to be wearable. She also likes to shake up the initial function of clothes to create apparent mistakes. The name “Brag-wette” is the result of a mistake too: sounds like the Italian “braghe”, that means trousers, the biggest focus of her work, with a french attitude, but it actually has no sense.

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